The need for building security in Melbourne is on the top. Nowadays, high-rise buildings include apartments, hotels, shopping malls and many more.

These buildings are primarily accessed by individuals, from casual citizens to VIPs. Also, these buildings contain rare items that require protection and safety in the form of security. All these aspects require the hiring of building security guards.

Metropolitan Guards is among the most recognized and established building security providing companies. We offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective building security guard services that meet the requirements of each specific building.

Our guards have undergone extensive specialized training to adapt to any situation. In addition, our security guards ensure that the particular asset or site is safe and has a pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

All our security guards have passed a rigorous background check and alcohol and drug screening and are required to undergo intensive training. This training ensures they provide quality customer service and handle every type of situations appropriately.

Responsibilities of a Building Security Guard

Following are the responsibilities of a building security guard:

  1. Secure barriers, locking systems, secure storage areas, and access control systems. Secure lighting, improve communication systems and manage parking.
  2. Protect assets and information at the premises. In addition, they effectively manage security in the building and prepare investigation reports and analysis.
  3. Rapid disaster response and recovery, prevention of workplace violence and security threats. Prevent terrorism and kidnapping, ransom and extortion, strikes and labor issues.
  4. Discuss about security plans with all building residents and visitors and encourage them for proper involvement
  5. Identify key security and management contacts. Regularly update and revise security plans as necessary and form necessary revisions.

We offer

  • Competitive rates
  • 24/7 security service
  • Professionally trained security guards
  • Fully licensed Security guards

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